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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Are we leveraging the groups that meet in our building?

Things we currently do:
* Welcome Cart in Narthex with information/material to take with
* Sunday School & Global Mission Bulletin board
* TV monitors which are on when Preschool is in session but off at night

* Have an Event Coordinator who would be available at least at the beginning of an event to welcome people, show them where things are, tell them (nicely) if they unplug anything it all needs to be put back the way it was – smiling while saying everything!
Welcoming wall art in meeting rooms (You are always welcome here, God loves you, etc)
* 2 week Blitz of Hospitality to people meeting in our building where we would welcome people to the church set up a complimentary refreshment table outside of meeting room and be there every night to greet and offer hospitality – possibly do twice a year
* Have some visitor’s bags (we would like to get the reusable grocery store bags that people can re-use) in all meeting rooms available for anyone to take with them
* We would like an app tag that people could use their smart phones to link them to our web-site immediately just by using the app tag – this could be publicized around the building as well, put on our visitors bags etc.
* Have our building be available for use as a venue for meeting rooms by non-profits, advocacy groups, local groups etc. the more people talk about UDLC the better.

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