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Friday, December 9, 2011

November Pastoral Transition Task Force Update

We hope to complete our congregational profile by the end of January and appoint a Call Committee to begin the process of calling a second pastor who will be in place as early as late spring. 

For regular updates go to our blog at  http://udlcinterimprocess.blogspot.com

History Task Force, led by Adele Veihl and Janet Waechter, has updated UDLC's written history and asked people to indicate their 5 likes and 5 dislikes from the past 18 years. They have also contacted members who are not regular attenders. The information they gathered will inform our planning for the future.

Demographics & EvangelismTask Force,  chaired by Darlene Versak & Stephanie Dieter, is running a demographic profile of our community and is coordinating it with our membership data. They are considering ways to reach new people, as well as new communications strategies. 

Mission/Identity/Lutheran Linkages  Task Force, led by Dave Patti & Linda Breckenridge, has taken the following questions to UDLC small groups and committees:

  • What are our most vital ministries?
  • How are we fulfilling our mission and vision?
  • What could we be doing to better fulfill it?
  • Where is the Spirit leading us?
  • What are we doing with other Lutheran congregations and organizations?
  • They are collating responses and using them to make suggestions for present and future ministries at UDLC.

   Next meeting: Thursday, December 15 - 7 PM

Organization and Leadership Task Force, chaired by Debbie Israel & James Wistar, is looking at how we can best use our staff and leadership resources for the future.  They have interviewed UDLC Staff members and will be interviewing key lay leaders as well as devising a job description for the second pastor.

   Next meeting: Tuesday, December 13 - 7 PM

Prayerful Discernment  Task Force, chaired by Lois Clymer, is connecting with all 5 other task forces to help track how the Holy Spirit is active in among us and to encourage daily prayer for specific task force concerns

Social Media Task Force, chaired by Ray Hopkins, has created a blog about our transition, and is exploring the use of other social media to communicate about UDLC and with its members.  They are looking still for members who can help get the word out through SOcial media as well as carry this through this process and continue with Social media after this process is complete.

We have 60 people involved in the six task forces, but there is still opportunity for you to be involved in this process!  

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