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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Results of the Ministry Survey

UDLC Ministries, Activities & Programs
 A= adult     YA= young adult (post high school-30yrs.)  Y= youth & children      
Global Ministry : all are welcome but tends to be A

World Hunger
A, Y
Scholarship Program
A and families
Global Christmas Shop
A, Y
Companion Congregation Connection
Global Discussions
Refugee Resettlement

Social Ministry

Red Cross Blood Drive
Chosen 300
A, Y
One House at a time
A, Y
Loaves & Fishes
Parish Healthcare
Community Cupboard Supporter
A, YA, Y
Flea Market
A, Y
Inter-Faith Outreach

Koinonia I    A
Project Day Workers  All are Welcome but tend to be   A
Women’s Circle  All women invited but tend to be older women 60+
Eve Circle

Men’s Breakfast  All Welcome but tend to be older men 60+
Tech Team  All invited but tend to be older 30+ some youth
   Computer support

Fishing MinistryAll invited but tend to be older men 30+
Day trips for fishing and fellowship

Women’s RetreatAll invited by tend to be older women 30+
Marriage Ministry  All married couples invited but tends to be older 40+
Married Couples

Educational Ministries/Small Group Studies

Adult Sunday School
A – all adults but tends to be older
Life Keys Seminar
A, YA, Y
Men’s Study Group
Men’s Retreat
A – 40+
Women’s Daytime Bible Study
UDLC Book Club
Coffee/Refreshments (after Sunday Worship)
A, YA, Y
Disaster Preparedness Team
Prayer Shawl Ministry
A – women
Collators (afternoons help collate Sunday bulletins, This Week and Puffs Corner
Green Team-educate and encourage recycling
A – all are welcome
Fit & Fun Functional Training Class-Meds  & exercise
Mom’s Club
Kaizen-Discussion group

Financial Peace ClassA  and   YA
Offering Counters     A

Property Committee    A   tends to be older adults  30+
Cemetery committee     A  tends to be older adults  30+
Worship and Music Ministries

Assisting Minister
A, YA, Y
Communion Assistant
A, YA but mostly older A
Homebound Communion Assistant
A – mostly older
Parish Healthcare
Community Cupboard Supporter
A, YA, Y
Flea Market
A, Y
Inter-Faith Outreach
Chancel Choir
A – mostly older adults 50+ all welcome
Angelic Voices
Y K-2
Voices of Praise
Y 2-6
For the Band
Y - All welcome tends to be MS & HS kids
For the Spirit
A 30+


Super Greeter
A (tends to be 30+ only at 7:45 Service
Sunday Outreach Caller
A, family
New Members/Sponsor Program
A, YA, Y
Public Relations
A-All welcome tends to be 30+

Stewardship & Spiritual Gifts

Special Needs Ministry
Families w/children/youth w/special needs
Special Events
A, YA, Y
Church Library
A, YA, Y (but mostly for Adults)
Cradle Roll
Y under 3 years
Weekday Nursery School
Y (2 Yrs – 5 yrs)
VBS (Vacation Bible School)
Y (4 yrs to completed 4th grade)

Youth Ministry

Junior Youth Group
Y (3rd& 4th Grade)
Tween Group
Y (6th& 7th Grade)
Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group
Y (8th-12th Grade)
Appalachia Service Project
A & Y (8th-12th grade)

Christian Education for Children and Youth

Y (7th – 9th grade)
Children and Youth Sunday School
Y (3yrs – Sr. high)
First Holy Communion
Y (all ages but intended for 5th gr.)
Y (Older teens/Adult buddies for special needs children – Christian education

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  1. Re: Worship and Music - Joyful Voices (not Angelic Voices) is for Y in grades K-2, and Voices of Praise is for Y in grades 3-7. "For the Band" is really "Youth Band" and is a function of the Youth Department and accepts anyone in MS or HS. Chancel Choir is open to anyone in 10th grade through adult. Most participants are indeed 50 and above, but younger adults who might sing have been tapped to teach Sunday School at that hour.